The following To-Do list is inspired and borrowed from another blogger who has a similar list on her blog page.

Thanks to her, I realized it’s high time I made my own. So, here it goes:

(the list is likely to increase and is in complete random order)

1. Ride a camel

2. Ride on an elephant

3. Learn horse-riding

4. Learn swimming

5. Swim with dolphins

6. Hold a baby turtle in hand

7. Learn how to bake blueberry muffins

8. Learn belly dancing

9. Learn/watch a salsa performance

10. Attend an Oprah

11. Watch a regional movie in a language I don’t understand

12. Direct a short film

13. Not watch television for a whole day

14. Not surf the Internet for a whole day

15. Drive a two-wheeler

16.  Drive a four-wheeler

17. Paint on a canvas

18. Bake a surprise cake on someone’s birthday

19. Visit Jaisalmer, Shillong, Ladakh, Munnar, Puducherry, Lakshwadeep,  Port Blair and Gangtok by 2017

20. Compose a Haiku poem

21. Dance in the rain

22. Learn embroidery

23.  Have self-made coffee at 3 am

24. Have nothing but preparations made of chocolates for lunch, dinner and breakfast for a day

25. Get a self-portrait

26. Paint the walls of a house

27. Do Yoga

28. Learn Reiki

29. Get hair spa

30. Get body spa

31. Go on a wildlife safari

32. Do bungee jumping before turning 30

33.  Learn basic cooking

34. Have pen pals and write to them regularly

34.  Meet a pen friend

35. Meet a chat friend

36. Roam on the streets in the night in pajamas

37. Dance in a wedding

38. Have ice-cream on a chilly day

39. Visit a hill station during winters

40.  Learn how to wear a tie

41.  Learn how to wear a sari

42. Wear a Kimono

43. Wear the white, bridal gown for a whole day

44. Sleep for over 15 hours

45. Watch a live Kathakali performance on stage

46. Act in a play/skit

47. Play a Shakespearean character in a play

48. Write a short story

49. Write a one-act play

50. Recite a poem on stage

51. Get self published on the net

52. Get self published in a newspaper

53. Get self published in a magazine

54. Write someone’s obituary

55. Attend a marriage and a funeral in a single day

56. Get my hair coloured

57. Get a piercing/tattoo

58. Buy a poster only to tear it the next day

59. Attend a wine festival

60. Attend a literary festival

61. Interview someone with absolutely no knowledge of the interviewee

62. Ball dance

63. Donate blood/eyes (as the case and situation may be)

64. Learn how to play the violin

65. Babysit

66. Learn roller skating

67. Sit on the giant wheel with no company

68. Watch a 3D film

69. Watch a horror film. Alone.

70. Ride on a hot air balloon

71. Feed a tiger cub

72. Visit London/Paris before turning 40

73. Live on a tree house

74. Learn a foreign language

75. Have the nerve to throw a resignation letter on the boss’s face

76. Sing in front of an audience

77. Sing in the bathroom

78. Buy pearls from own money

79. Bunk school

80. Bunk college

81. Bunk office

82. Surprise a friend

83. Wear gray contact lenses

84. Live without a cell phone for over 24 hours

85. Go on a ship cruise

86. Slap a complete stranger

87. Kiss a complete stranger

88. Appear in public in full make-up

89. Watch Wimbledon Finals at Centre Court

90. Make a snowman

91. Ride a boat/ship (whichever is available)

92. Have champagne on a roof-top restaurant on a cold night

93. Participate in a protest rally

94. Hold a chihuahua puppy in hand

95. Watch a cricket match live

96. Face a polar bear

97. Sing a lullaby to put someone to sleep

98. Appear on television

99. Hug someone in the rain

100. Visit at least one of the seven wonders of the world (excluding Taj Mahal)

To be continued…

Suggestions welcome. : )


4 thoughts on “To-Do

  1. Interesting list – exhaustive I must say! But one thing is missing – Don’t want to write a novel? (apart from one act play and a short story). That will be great.

      • Welcome!

        I guess- am taking risk here- theme will be something on human sexuality. Loved your thoughts.
        I think that it is best to blend our ideas with fiction and write a novel rather than writing EPW sort of articles (this reaches more people).

        So looking forward to read your novel (before this that short story and one act play!). Aim (Man?!) Booker!

        Good luck 🙂


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