Thanks for stopping by Colours on my palette *_+

Everything written in this blog is a result of a few (sometimes even more) hours of MY sweat, threat, pain, agony, anger, madness, ecstasy and satisfaction. Unless otherwise mentioned specifically, none of this blog’s content is plagiarized. I take utmost care to give due credit to borrowed content(s).
The background image of the home page has been clicked by Ankita Mehta, one of my most talented friends in the field of photography. You can view her amateur and sophisticated attempts here. 🙂

Regarding the Colours on my palette, there isn’t any particular colour that appeals to me (though white and black are ones closest to my heart). Every colour has its own charm that works for me in accordance with my many moods. Likewise, there isn’t a particular topic or issue that interests/excites/irks me. I have multiple and varied interests. In every sense of the word.

I’m sort of a mixed breed and I see that giving me a strange sort of upper hand. I was born in New Delhi and I grew up in green city Jamshedpur. After finishing my schooling there, I went back to Delhi for my graduation in Literature, until I landed in Bangalore to pursue my post graduation in Print Journalism. I worked in Temple Town Madurai as a Trainee Sub-editor in an English daily for eleven months, learning the basics of editing and proof-reading, while dealing with the notorious “newsroom pressure”.   I also freelanced, blogged for an international forum as and when I could spare time from some serious cooking experimentation. I then landed in Mumbai to do my Masters in Women’s Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

I identify as a sex-positive feminist and have a deep affinity and likeness for any politics that is intersectional. I also work in a feminist organisation that seeks to fund and support young feminist activists globally. I love the power and reach of social media, despite all my social awkwardness. And my wonderful team is based all over the world. You can read more about who we are here.


I recently finished writing an eighty-page dissertation entitled Women in 21st century South Asian erotic literature and a large part of my two years writing this went into explaining that I am, most definitely, not a nymphomaniac.

I enjoy traveling. I enjoy it more when in good company. (Duh!)
I love Gulab Jamun. I bake excellent egg-less cakes.

I like listening and speaking in multiple languages, however limited my understanding or grasp may be.
I pride myself at my limited knowledge of Bengali, a language I have tried my hand at since I was a kid. I’m still working on Tamil, my mother tongue, and I can speak Hindi and English fairly well. During my four-month stay in MĂĽnster, Germany, I also picked up ein bisschen Deutsch.

I like sleeping. I adore reading and writing, the latter being akin to a cathartic process that I find myself needing regularly to deal with the insanities of my life .

Oh and by the way, my parents named me Deepa (meaning ‘lamp’ in Sanskrit) in 1989.

Colourfully yours,
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  1. Colourful Article. You answered all my questions through this wonderful article. Thank you 🙂


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