Media Bites

Since this blog is an expression of my writing, I thought it might be a good idea to create a separate page to list my articles and reports that have been published in various media platforms:

[not chronologically arranged]

From openDemocracy

Defending ourselves: defining the rights of girls 

The global pulse of young feminists organizing

Making our movements sustainable: practicing holistic security every day

From InPlainspeak

Learning to pause and reflect

Hunting and devouring erotica

The struggles of being an unmarried woman

Romance your damn self


Solidarity: Binding multiple causes, identities and struggles together

From The Alternative

Boys don’t cry

CSA and the forbidden S word

RAHI: A place to go when home is off-bounds

Agro-Tourism helping bridge metros to farms

Pati’s Bommai Golu: The tales of story-telling dolls

It’s eight o’ clock!

Confessions of a bisexual, a man and a woman

Unlearning safe touch with children

Will a porn ban leave us with no shades of grey?

From Campus Diaries

Up, close and personal with Sharanya

Notes from the field

Do boys always have all the fun?

Palace and Illusions

Happy reading! :->



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