Of food, indulgence and satisfaction

I have always been a strong believer of the wonders good food does to an individual’s mood, temper and, at the risk of exaggerating, general attitude towards life. Perhaps, my concentration and expertise (however limited it may be) began when I started some serious cooking experimentation while my stay at Madurai. When you cook, you know exactly what’s right and/or wrong with food. And that’s a fascinating experience. To discover how that extra pinch of chaat masala just spiced up the batter, how the coriander leaf on top of the gravy just gave the dish its gorgeous appearance, how cinnamon leaves just filled in the lovely aroma.

Now that I’m living in Mumbai—a city full of potential food joints—and voluntarily unemployed to re-live the student life, deciding what to eat every day is a mixture of recognizing our food desires and simultaneously doing mental math. Thus, indulgence is a rare and elitist affair, given the lack of money as well as time. But it does happen…and it did happen today, as my roommate and I acted on impulse and decided to grace TGIF with our humble presence. Of course, the fact that “Buy 1, get 1 free” offer was valid on its menu spurred us on.

The usual crowd at TGIF on a Thursday

After withstanding a train ride packed with people , bearing the Mumbai rains, we headed for the place with images of sumptuous meal(s) in our heads. We had done our homework before arriving, of course. We knew exactly what and how to order to bring the bill to as least as we possibly can, we took all efforts to mix and match cuisines and we made sure we understood the several offers on board.
Essentially, enjoying good food also happens when you have good company. V and I are a great match when it comes to food. We devour good food with pleasure, while we’re the first to squint at suspicious looking delicacies. We enjoy our cappuccino, while we swear by traditional filter kaapi. We love our lasagne and we  love our paani puri. Thus, it’s a whole lot of fun to have food with someone who’s as particular and choosy about pure indulgence as you are.

Here is what we finally had, after some serious discussion, agreements and disagreements on a menu that can kill! Since we’re both such coffee lovers, we began with Cafe Toledo, coffee made of Bailey’s Irish cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur, chocolate syrup, coffee, whipping cream and sugar. Yum? Have a look:

Here is the link to the TGIF recipe for it

Our next step (now that we were just in the right mood courtesy coffee) was to order the perfect starter. No experiments there, we decided, and went the traditional way by ordering Fried Mac and Cheese. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture for that coz we finished it within 10 minutes of its arrival. Cheese, as always, is magical. 🙂

Our entrée (main course) consisted of a traditional American chicken burger and Veg Quesadilla, a typical Mexican preparation.

Chicken Burger served with crispy French Fries

High on these beautifully prepared dishes, we had just enough space for the dessert: apple pie, topped with sugary caramel syrup and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. No pic for that again coz it was consumed in a span of five minutes, despite its extreme sweetness. 🙂

And thus ended our lovely day of indulgence. Our bill was a tad higher than what we had anticipated. But that our stomachs were supremely satisfied made us ignore that silently. After all, ignorance is bliss. *_+


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