Fiction Writing (Part 4?)


Maybe I should start a separate blog exclusively for fiction writing.
Here’s one I wrote as a part of my assignment. It was expected to be a real-life observation. I ended up writing a fictional account. Lol!


This is a lead that describes a woman, who has been living with a life-threatening disease, and the last hours before her death, and her conversation with her son.
She looked too content to be in a hospital. Her face had an expression that seemed to convey a sense of calmness that one experiences on a quiet Sunday morning at the beach. It was hard to believe that this woman was going to die in a few hours. It was surreal.
Her son, frail in body and appearance, entered the ward with a large packet of fresh kiwis. He had a tired look on his face, which he tried to hide by picking out the fruits from the packet and laying them neatly on the plate, in the most nonchalant manner possible.
“So you finally bought them, my son?” the woman said, in a laid back fashion. “That’s one thing less from the list I gave you.”
She was referring to the list of things she wanted to do before she died. Her expressions and voice were so casual and mundane that anyone would have thought she was referring to a list of the month’s grocery items.
“The list is too small, Mom. You still have to give me five more,” the son said.
It was difficult to guess who was deceiving whom.


Feedback expected 🙂



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