2010-the year in review

>This was given to us in our English class before closing up for the winter break. Thought I’ll answer it completely…it felt like slam-book days of school where we used to fill each others’ slam books, scrap books and diaries writing about our likes and dislikes (like we really cared!).

Following is a consequence of the inability to do focussed work in a holiday season 😉

 The best thing that happened in 2010 was that I became a graduate. Boy! It meant something to me (It still does actually)

 The worst thing that happened to me in 2010 was__________ (NONE)

 One thing I’ll never forget about this year is that I purchased my own laptop. So what if dad paid for it?

 My biggest disappointment this year was my inability to learn Kannada. To be very frank, I never really made an effort…was busy brushing my Tamil-speaking skills.

 One person I’m glad I met this year is Mr. Kanakaratna, former headmaster and retired officer, Martalli village, Kollegal. I learned a lot from him.

 The most memorable night out I had was… Ah! Tough one *winks* Most have been memorable for some reason or the other : )

 The best story I did at IIJNM this year was my first hard news feature story on urban poverty in Bangalore

 If I learned anything this year, it was that desk job is fun. Never thought there was scope for so much to learn on the desk.

 The best news I heard this year was the RTE (Right to Education) Act. Lot’s still needs to be done though.

 One of the most delicious meals I had this year was the breakfast at Indian Coffee House on one of my beat days. The meal included hot filter coffee, double-egg omelette, egg fry, vegetable cutlet and bread toast. It was also probably the heaviest breakfast I’ve ever had!

 One of the most useful things I’ve learned at IIJNM this year was to think beyond the obvious.

My toughest assignment at IIJNM this year was to design a magazine page on Pagemaker in a span of 30 minutes as I had forgotten about the assignment. And, God knows how I did it!

 The longest I slept this year was… Again, a tough one. Firstly, it’s a sin to actually measure something so divine and blissful. But nevertheless, I think it was probably fourteen hours after a very tired night. I had a terrible back ache after that.

 If I could live this year over again, next time I wouldn’t waste time and money on buying application forms to multiple colleges. It almost costed a fortune.

 One surprising thing I learned this year was the Bihar Assembly election results that made Nitish Kumar bounce back in the political sphere of the once-deprived state.

 A really good book I read this year was that The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Devakaruni. Not one of her best, but worth a shot for epic-lovers.

 One of the most shocking things I saw this year was the news story on a man committing suicide after being called impotent on television in the program Raakhi ka insaaf

 The best thing that happened to India in 2010 was the successful completion of the Commonwealth Games. I seriously doubted it (like most others, I’m sure).

 With hindsight, I’d say 2010 was a pretty eventful year. (Don’t worry, I say that at the end of every year…it’s the most logical and obvious thing to state anyways)

 In 2011, I’m determined to get a job (I guess?)


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