To Secret Santa.. With love

>Disclaimer: If you are not an IIJNM student who’s reading this, you’re not going to understand a word of what is to follow. If you still want to kill time and enter the land of confusion, please do so. Meanwhile, here is a link you might be interested in. Enjoy!

Dear Secret Santa,

Ok. So you’re driving me pretty crazy. For one, you always visit my room when I’m busy doing the only two things I do here when I get free time [By free time, I mean completely free time sans homework/readings/assignments/presentations/fiction and non-fiction reading/contemplating/bitching et al]. And that is talking on the phone (which has considerably reduced due to economic reasons) and sleeping (which can never reduce because of whatever reasons). I’d like to interrupt this post with something profound I read this morning:

“I love to sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know.”

~Ernest Hemingway (My God from today) 😀

So, anyways…

First, I dislike gift(s).
Second, I dislike working so hard for my gift(s) *winks*

Yesterday I get a letter from you asking me to go the water cooler at the mess hall to get my next clue for the gift.
By the time I had even read the letter, it was way too late in the night. I had to go to the mess anyways to fill my bottle. I did not find any clue there and I walked back up nonchalantly thinking of my Treasure Hunt days back in school and how I used to suck at them.

I slept off only to see yet another letter on my table by you.

This time the instructions read as follows: “You have to write a blog about a homosexual, Jesus Christ and draw comparison to Albus Dumbledore.”

I’m sorry…WHAT?

First, I get an instruction to write a blog (I don’t need that. I blog nevertheless)

Second, I’m given a specific topic for it (What is this? Creative writing competition?)

Frankly, I don’t even mind that as long as the “topic” is relevant, interesting and something I know and/or care about.

Third, you (thankfully) don’t really know much about me. One look at my table and the books displayed on them should have told you that I do not read science-fiction.
Why, when I read the letter this morning, the first thing I thought was: “Who the hell is this Albus guy?” Turns out he is this chief protagonist in the Harry Potter series *scratches head*

My dear Secret Santa: I Hate Harry Potter. And that’s a hate with a capital H. Tried reading a couple of times when I was too young to differentiate between different genres of books. But I gave up. I did a Wikipedia search on Mr. Albus and they gave me shit load of stuff to read. Clearly, I refuse to do that when there are millions of other books left dying to be read, consumed and devoured by me. This is a personal opinion. I’m sure there are millions of Potter fans. I respect them. But I do not belong to them. Peace!

So, Santa…you asked me to blog on Christ, homosexuality and “draw comparison” (Satan knows what that means!) with this Albus guy.
For one, I did blog (so, you should give me points for that).
Second, I gave you so much publicity on my blog (which, you’ll be surprised to know, but is read by many Turkish men and women).
And third, I have already ranted about 623 words so far (which is way beyond what I set my target as).

So, I end this letter with the sincere hope that you shall not extract anymore labour from me.

P.S. Waiting for Christmas more than ever now 🙂

Ho Ho Ho!!

With Love,


5 thoughts on “To Secret Santa.. With love

  1. >HO! HO! HO!Secret Santa here.Very well said.Santa wanted you to know Albus Pecivial Wulfric Bryan Dumbuldore is a gay. Not the protogonist of Harry Potter which again is not a Science Fiction. " The Albus Guy " is a central charecter of the Harry Potter series.Ho! Ho ! Ho! Santa did not ask you to read Harry Potter or become a fan. All Santa is saying is give it a thought.Believe this old fool child, I too hate giving gifts. And that too to people who are not ready to work for it.All this is a game girl, Do not be skeptical,Just play along happily.Ho!Ho!Ho!

  2. >@Anonymous aka Secret SantaWow. I'm pretty impressed by your persistent desire to intrigue me. LOL : ))He HeAnyways, TT-aa? Aiyyo!!I hope I don't take 7 hours to score 7 points.Cheers!!P.S. LOVE the quote. Thanks!! :))


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