DAY 5: Goodbye Martalli

>DAY 5


I’m typing this from the same lodge that we started our journey from. Yes, we left Martalli in the evening bidding goodbye to almost all the villagers there. It was amazing to see them all showing their genuine concern and interest regarding the purpose of our visit.

It was a pretty good day today. We visited the High School in Sulvadi to meet the Headmaster there. One should see the sheer look at the face of those hundreds of kids when they look at ‘outsiders’ entering their school. For them, we represent what the city and city life stands for. And, there’s this sense of extreme enthusiasm and eagerness to know more about the place where we come from. When they spotted camera in our hands, all of them lined up together, started posing, laughing, asking and begging us to take their pictures. It was a nice break from regular classes for them. And once the pictures were clicked, it was an amusing thing for them to look at them instantly after being clicked. It was a funny experience…both for them and us.

We then proceeded towards Sandanapalya, another nearby village, to meet Sister Meera to talk about the NGO that she runs. Time passed by like anything and it was time to catch the evening bus back to Kollegal.

We visited Bosco’s house for the last time and took each other’s contact details.

And by 8 pm, we were back in Kollegal.

It’s over…the trip is (almost) over.

We might visit M.M.Hills tomorrow….

But, I feel weird.

Next post will be with pix : )


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