Visit to Bangalore Palace

I visited the Bangalore Palace yesterday.

To be very frank, I am not much of a ‘historical’ person and wouldn’t have visited the Palace in the first place had there not been a purpose behind it. My story lies there (and is yet to be completed).
I was supposed to meet a Mr. Michael who was not available at the time of my visit. So, I ended up touring the Palace and clicking a few snap shots from my cell phone slyly (photography charges were extra inside the Palace).

For those interested, the Palace is walkable from Mount Carmel College/Vasanth Nagar Bus Stand. And the entry fee is Rs. 175/- (raised from Rs. 100/- post the introduction of the audio-tour guide). If you’re really into history of forts, palaces, rajahs and maharajah’s, it’s worth it.

Bangalore Palace, from outside

A better view…could have taken a better one if I wouldn’t have been caught by the security guard

The inside walls. Apparently it’s modelled on Victorian architecture

A painting showing Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, giving a piece of her ear-ring as a gift to the Roman emperor, Mark Antony, her lover

The Maharani’s Durbar

The pool inside the Durbar. Apparently, a gossip area for the ladies of the Palace

The remote-control given to each tourist for the audio-guided tour of the Palace. Available in 5 languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Italian, Spanish and German. (Tamil and Telgu to be introduced soon)

Tourists fidgeting with headphones

2 thoughts on “Visit to Bangalore Palace

  1. >Well, being born, brought up and living in Bangalore, I haven't been to Bangalore Palace yet. Isn't it a shame on my part? Yes, it is.. felt so after seeing the snaps you have posted above.Nice photography Deepa :o)

  2. >@PrashanthHappens…Not many Bangaloreans even know about it. Ask them about Palace Road and they'll tell you the way. Ask them about Bangalore Palace and they stare at your face!It was a nice trip : )


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