Fiction-writing (Part 2)


Part 2 of the Fiction-writing that began in my previous post


And he?

He is desperately seeking solace in the web of lies he has so carefully constructed.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing. And, that, ironically, gives him some hope. Some solace (fake though it may be).

He wants to escape. Nay. He needs to escape. He is getting caught in his own web. What can he do? Where can he go?

She is dominating his life. His mind. Heck! His thoughts. He wants to deny that. He wants to escape that. He wants to be alone. Paradoxically, alone with her.

Why? Why her? Why her now? It’s too late. Too late.

The more he thinks, the less he knows. And yet he cannot deny the truth.

The truth. The truth only he was aware of. And now, she knows it too. She wasn’t supposed to…but she does. She knows it all.

He wants to pull her arm, grab her body and kill her with his words.

He knows that his words are his best weapon. His only weapon. He is confident of their enormous power. But he suspects she already knows them. How can she not know? She knew it all along. She was simply pretending ignorance, he insists.

But she can’t beat him. She can never beat him.

If her soul is corrupt, his thoughts are corrupt too. If she can fake ignorance, he can do better.

There are other ways to kill her, he says.

To be concluded…



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