Visit to Ramadevara betta and Ranganatittu Wildlife Sanctuary


Question: How are holiday trips planned?

Answer: A day before the departure date 🙂

Visited Ramnagara, crossed Srirangapatna, Maddur and paid a trip to the Ranganatittu Wildlife Sanctuary, located between the city of Bangalore and Mysore.

Getting up at 4:30 in the morning is a noteworthy achievement for me and hence I’d like to begin the post by acknowledging the same. The idea behind this crazy act was to catch the sun-rise at Ramadevara betta (a.k.a Lord Rama’s hill). We could have reached earlier possibly but nevertheless it was all worth the trouble.

My friend informs me that apart from several Kannada movies, a few scenes from the epic movie Sholay were also shot at this hill. Another famous award winning International movie ‘A Passage to India’ was also shot here. Catch glimpses of the same here.

Mountain climbing is a sport I had abandoned long long ago…the reason for which is a food for thought. Thanks to this trip, my skills aren’t rusty anymore :))

Climbing those seemingly endless steps…on an empty stomach, mind you (haven’t craved for paal so much before), getting tired in the middle, puffing and panting, ignoring the sweat, when you finally reach the top, it’s almost an indescribable feeling. To be lost in thoughts up above the world so high. To bask in the calmness of the atmosphere. To view the clouds so close. To listen to the sound of silence. It’s a feeling to be experienced in order to understand.

For once, I won’t rant and let the pictures do the talking…

The rocks surrounding the hill that we climbed

The view from 3900feet above the ground

The picturesque sunrise

We had an amazing breakfast at Maddur tiffanys Restaurant. Idli vada, tea and coffee. And of course, the famous Maddur Vada.

Picture courtesy Google Images

Read more about it’s recipe here. It’s one of my recent discoveries here! I’m goin to learn how to make it :))

We then proceeded towards Ranganatittu Wildlife Sanctuary. You can read more about it here (and I suggest you do)

Watching crocodiles and crocodile babies so closely, admiring the kingfisher, listening to the noisy swallows and their beautifully constructed nests…a lot of it was a first-time for me. And, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Again, I’ll let the pix do the talking.

The bird sanctuary situated in the backs of Kaveri river

Spot the crocodile 🙂

The White Ibis

Spot the baby crocodile ;))

More (and better pix) on FB.



5 thoughts on “Visit to Ramadevara betta and Ranganatittu Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. >Oh, No..Had planned a drive to Ranganathittu four times now, but not even once I happened to make it there. If informed earlier, I would have gone with you all; waking early is not an issue for me since my alarm sings half past 4 ever morning :o)The pictures are simply superb; a pat on the back of the photographer (presumed to be Deepa). It was really challenging to spot the baby crocodile, I couldn't find it unless the image was enlarged to its bigger size.Nice picture on Facebook, I wonder what you were trying to do with the puppy! :o)

  2. >@PrashanthYes, the photographer (if you say so) is me. All pix taken from my Nokia 7230 cell. And if you think the pictures are superb, you ought to look at the ones taken from my friend's Digicam. I'll be uploading them on Picasa soon…will send you the link.Oh and the puppy… ;)That's the pup that visits the IIJNM campus and hostel every now and then…part of our class :)Are you on FB, by any chance?

  3. >Nice to see you pamper the puppy so much, by the way whats his/her name? On behalf of me, please buy him/her a pack of Biscuits everyday, spending from your wallet :o)Sure, will look forward to the pictures on Picasa. Nope, am not on Facebook for now.


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