The day I was the editor…and survived it

They made me the editor today of The Weekly Observer

No. Don’t kill yourself if you haven’t heard of this paper. It’s an in-house publication that is circulated within the four walls of IIJNM in a small village called Kumbalgudu.
Never heard of Kumbalgudu? That’s roughly 20km from Bangalore city.
Never heard of Bangalore? DIE.

So far, about 8 people have asked me the same thing: “How was it? How did it feel do be an editor?”
I only have answer: It’s over. PERIOD.


  • Never think that an editor’s job is to simply boss around. It’s not.
  • Never think that an editor has a ‘fixed’ job. It’s never EVER fixed.
  • Never think that once something’s edited, it’s over. It’s never over.
  • Never assume anything. Anything.
  • Always carry Moov. It will come in handy.
  • Sleep well the day before. Or be prepared to have at least 3 cups of tea/coffee(depending on the individual’s preference/situation)
  • Recharge your cell well in advance.
  • Adjust. Be flexible and open to all ideas. Listen. Breathe in and out. Listen some more. Be open. After having done all of these, YELL. Things are usually fine after that.
  • Remember the golden words: “This too shall pass”
  • Learn stress management techniques. Do Yoga. Listen to Rehman instrumental. If nothing works, follow Step 6 (almost always works)


Simple, isn’t it?
Wait till you be one…


2 thoughts on “The day I was the editor…and survived it

  1. >1. Congratulations! – For being the Editor.2. Thanks! – For the Lessons.Step-10; Do Yoga.. it works; really works. It indeed is working for me since schooling till date and hope in future the too :o)

  2. >@PrashanthThank you for the congratulatory message. But, all of us HAVE to be an editor at least once here…it works alphabetically. Blame it on my name for being one so early : oYoga. Oh yes…always works. I used to do the asans so regularly when I was in ninth grade(with the secret desire of increasing my height. lol) Other commitments made me quit it. Have to really start doing it. I NEED it now…


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